About Us

The Old Shoe Dawg Story

Shop comfortable shoes. Comfortably. Online.

Our Vision

Old Shoe Dawg is an online-retailer run by an amazing team of dedicated people on the constant lookout for new shoes we think our customers will love seeing and wearing. We have a saying that if you can scroll a page faster than you can stroll through a mall, Old Shoe Dawg is the perfect place to find your next perfect pair.

The Beginnings

Back in 2013, Old Shoe Dawg wanted to improve the online shoe-buying experience. It began after an Old Shoe Dawg team member had recently ordered two pairs of shoes online. He loved one pair, but decided to return the other. Unfortunately, he found the return process was so convoluted, it was almost not worth the hassle. Our team member was also disappointed that his order took weeks to arrive. Old Shoe Dawg could do better.

It’s All In The Details

The first thing we wanted to tackle is the question of what happens when the shoe doesn’t fit? From the outset, we knew that we wanted online shopping to feel like shopping in a physical store – including being able to try multiple sizes to try at home. That is why we have always offered free shipping and returns.

We include a prepaid return label and instructions in every order so you can easily return shoes at your own convenience. Old Shoe Dawg values the trust between companies and customers and don’t want to “withhold” a return label until we receive a satisfactory return reason like many other companies still do. If the shoe is not to your liking, return them for a full refund.

Another area where Old Shoe Dawg stands out is communication. Online shopping doesn’t have to feel impersonal which is why we send order confirmation emails, tracking links emails, and even emails once an order is refunded. We also have a team of resident product experts that you can always reach out to here or through live chat for finding a certain style, ordering help, and fit information.

Old Shoe Dawg is proud to be based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.